Chuck John McMahon
Independent Film
Hoodlash (Short, 2014)
Walter (Supporting)
Aperture Industries
The Undetected (Feature, 2015)
Captain Ryder (Principal)
NY2Cali Productions
Dismis (Short, 2014)
Gottfriend (Principal)
Critical Design LLC
The Curtain (Feature, 2014)
Bert (Supporting)
Jash Productions
The Fight (Short, 2014)
Chuck (Principal)
Yu & Yu
Unprotected (Short, 2014)
The Creep (Supporting)
NYU Thesis
For Sale (Short, 2013)
Mike (Principal)
Columbia Thesis
Walt Before Mickey (Feature, 2014)
Doc Sherwood (Featured)
Dreamer LLC
Birdman (Feature, 2013)
Tough Guy/Stagehand (Featured)
Carver Productions
79' Parts (Feature, 2014)
Airtight Al (Featured)
Hit and Run
Club Magic Moment (Short, 2012)
Tommy Chesbro (Featured)
KundstKamera Prod.
Graveyard Shift (Short, 2011)
Robert (Principal)
NYU Thesis
Shadow Boxing (aka The Bruiser, Feature, 2011)
Reggie (Featured)
Breadth Films
Genau (aka Loss Control, Feature, 2010)
Peter Cohen (Supporting)
Mendicant Films
Bacterium (feature, 2007)
Dr. Boskovic (Principal
Shock-O-Rama Cinema
Sommer's Time (short, 1999)
Dan Sommers (Lead)
Very Smart Productions
Tricycle (feature, 2000)
Robert (Principal)
Tricycle Films
No Good Deed (short, 2000)
Kurt (Principal)
Very Smart Productions
Vampire Lesbian Kickbooxers (feature, 2000)
Artie (Principal)
On the Fly Productions
56K Jesus (pilot, 2001)
Mr. Latronica (Supporting)
CrystalCom Films
Rest Assured (short, 2000)
Detective Most (Featured)
Very Smart Productions
Morning Glory (feature, 1998)
Barley (Featured)
River Poet Films
Run for Cover (feature, 1996)
Technician (Featured)
Liberty Film Co.
Selected Theatre
All Over
Roundabout Theatre, dir. Emily Mann
The Learned Ladies
Notary, LePine, Julian
McCarter Theatre, dir. Daniel Fish
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Rev. Tooker
Fleetwood Stage, dir. Lewis Arlt
Cherry Lane Alternative
The New Moon
Vicomte Ribaud
Rockwell Productions
Merry Wives of Widsor
Corporal Nym
Princeton Rep
American Success: The Rise, Fall, and Enrichment of Tim and G. Gordon (a
musical premiere)
G. Gordon Liddy
Two Poodles (Semyon Zlotnikov - US premiere)
Henry Street Settlement
Hobo Christmas by Louis LaRusso (World Premiere)
American Theatre of Actors
FARENHEIT 451 (NY musical premiere)
Professor Faber
Wings Theatre
The Mutants (Semyon Zlotnikov - US premiere)
Players Forum @ The Salon
Selected Staged Readings
The Guest Lecturer by A.R. Gurney
dir. John Tillinger
Bruno Walter Aud./Lincoln Ctr.
Dreading Thekla by A. Innaurato
dir. Nicholas Martin
Bruno Walter Aud./Lincoln Ctr.
Yankee Diva by A. Innaurato
dir. Michael Sexton
Bruno Walter Aud./Lincoln Ctr.
Oblivion (a rock musical)
St. Peter (Lead)
Second Stage
Training (1991 to present)
Acting, Shakespeare/scene study: Darci Picoult & Louis Scheeder (Founder, NYU Classical Studio), Austin Pendleton; Contemporary Scene: June Stein (NYC) Acting, scenes & technique, experimental
, Michael Beckett (NYC); Spoken Voice: Jaunita Walsh Singing Voice: Kyle Gonyea (classical), Helen Gallagher, Dan Manjovi, Phillip Officer (theatre) Other: Suzuki and Viewpoints, SITI
Intensive Training, 2004; 1998-2007 Acting Ensemble for Columbia Grad Directing Program w/ Anne Bogart, Karin Coonrod, Brian Kulick and Robert Woodruff
Music: classical pianist, folk guitar, percussion oddities;
Athletics: running (multiple 6 - 7 minute miles), jump rope (x-over moves, etc.), excellent tennis and basketball player, golf, baseball, football, rollerblade;
Languages: fluent Spanish; basic Mandarin, Intermediate Japanese
Other: good cook, carpenter (handy with tools), Lic. driver (stick), draw, have worked as a classical radio dj, ferryman, shipyard and construction worker, waiter, cook, shoe and music
salesman, computer jock, hotel desk clerk, college professor (US/Ecuador), free-lance writer.
Some performance background and links.