from Javier Gutierrez' "Witkacy"
As Mighty Tito in Javier
Gutierrez' production of "Mosca"
2013 - as Doc Sherwood in "Walt Before Mickey
On the set of "Tricycle," (Block Island)
As Artie in "Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers"
The cast and crew of Edward Albee's "All Over," including Myra Carter,
Emily Mann, Rosemary Harris, Michael Learned, John Carter.  
I'm in the front row - far right on one knee.
Among the many characters I played in Moliere's
"The Learned Ladies" at McCarter Theatre, Princeton
As Harry Fatt in Tony Speciale's production of
"Waiting for Lefty"
As the MC for Helen Gallagher's 85 Birthday celebration.