"So You Like the Neighborhood" will play Tribeca 2018l


Cast as Mr. Shyne (lead) in short film about disco era leftover.
Filming in early January 2018.

"Scarecrow"  -- an inaugural YouTube Ambassador program in
which I  play a Detective (lead) who's haunted by his biases had
over 1 million hits.

Filmed "The Traveler" as Fr. Malcom Lowe, a priest (lead) who's
begun to doubt some of his choices.

"Buckets" - a short film by Julia Jones in which I play the older
incarnation of a young boyfriend,  premiered at the Tribeca
Film Festival this April. It won the NYFTT best narrative film in
Seattle and also showed at "Dances with Films" in LA.  Trailer

Yellow" - a short I filmed in 2014 was the March 20 -
shortoftheweek.com film selection. I come in approx five minutes in.


20th year at Kirkland and Ellis Deposition Training -- playing
multiple characters in mock trial situation.

"Hex" won best feature-length action/adventure screenwriting award
at the
Oaxaca Film Festival.  

79' Parts (writer/actor) is an official selection of the Nottingham Film

Austin Film Festival:  "Room for Error," my one act play from the
early 2000s that I reworked into a short film screenplay, made the
second round at the Austin Film Festival (top 15% of scripts).

79' Parts won Audience Choice award at Soho International Film
Festival.  Was also official selection of "Big River" Film Festival in
Savannah, GA.

Filming Comedy short "So You Like the Neighborhood" as mafia

May - Yellow will be featured in Marche du Filme (Cannes) and
Uncle Gareth will screen (5/2) at the Anthology in NYC.

April - Yellow  WON NYC International Film Festival Best Short
Film;  WINNER of Best Live Action Narrative in the Tokyo Lift-Off
online film festival (now  official selection of the Vancouver Lift Off
Film Festival) and debuted (WINNER of Audience Choice Award) in
Los Angeles at the All Sports LA Film Festival.  

March - Hoodlash (now Yellow) featured in March 2016 American
Cinematographer.  Trailer on

Uncle Gareth trailer is live!

Feb. - Will film teaser for "The Undetected" -- pilot for a television
series as Captain Ryder -- bad a$$ prison guard.

Jan. - Filmed  "Buckets" NYU thesis project with Julia Jones.


Dec. - Wrapped filming as one of the leads in the organ trafficking
short film
"Unorganized" with Thea McCartan, McKinley Belcher III and Vasile

Nov. - offered principal role in reading of SATC's "Sauna" but had to
decline due to conflict.

Nov. - Wrapped filming "Uncle Gareth," a short comic film in which
I'm the bizarre "local Neighborhood Justice" antagonist.  Raucous

Nov. - "Curtain" wins best Sci-Fi film and best screenplay at NYC
Horror Film Festival and Best Feature at Atlanta's Buried Alive Film
Festival.  (As I solo through the first several minutes of the film --
before being offed -- I'm especially pleased).  Clips to come soon.

Appeared as David in Mabou Mines resident Paulina Barros’ play
“The Comfort of Numbers” on  3/23 and 3/24 at the Clemente Soto
Velez. 107 Suffolk St./8 p.m. (free to public), directed by Gisela

Birdman wins the Oscar -- Best Picture!! (see my blog about working
on film)

Cast in reading of Carl Kelsch's new screenplay "Threadbare" (as all
the bad guys).  Benefit for Polaris Project at TACT Studio / 900
Broadway, Suite 905/ (between 19th  and 20th) with  Marianne
Hagan, Jayce Bartok, Erica Camarano, Matt Huffman, Wanyi Jiang
and Richard P. Butler.

Cast as the Landlord (Lead) for internal reading of R\O|O/M
by Danish playwright Julie Thor Fryd for SATC (9/17).

Cast in the short film "Speedway" via Kristen Paladino Casting.  Shot in DE mid-

(June 12) National Trailer comes out for "
Birdman"; I come in at 1:34.

Cast as the voice of the Reverend in "Limetown" (Podcast, recorded May

Cast as Captain Ryder, a psychotic ring-leader prison guard in
"The Undetected" (film TBD 2015)

Cast as Petur, in the SATC staged reading of Havar Sigurjonsson's (Iceland)
"Our Boy" (May 5, 2014)

Cast as Bart Asimov (mad auto mechanic/surgeon) in short film
"High Phantom Playback" (filmed April 25, 2014)

Cast as nefarious businessman in "Dismis" (filmed April 2014).

Cast as boxing promoter in the short film "The Fight" (filmed early April 2014).

Cast in Short Film "Unprotected" as the villain (filmed  Feb. 2014).

Back to filming "The Curtain" (principal photog. ends 4/12/2014)

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Chuck John McMahon

Chuck McMahon is an actor,  writer, director and voice-over artist who lives in New York.
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As one of the truck drivers in the strip bar in Brecht's "Baal"
(dir. James Dacre)
Voice Over Demo Reel
As immigration lawyer "Airtight" Al filming 79' Parts.
Chuck McMahon Film Reel
Walt Before Mickey (April 2015)
As Artie in "Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers"
As the Psycho, Bert in "The Curtain," getting ready to burn the house down.
The Fight (2014)
Birdman (2014)
Undetected Pilot (2016)